About Kehila

The Kehila Society of Richmond
since 1999, has been successfully bringing together Richmond Jewish families, individuals, community members, businesses, health and social service agencies and community resources. Focusing on strategic planning with partner and constituent agencies to foster and create satellite and outreach programs and services within the Richmond Jewish community, we have been able to offer a wide range of support and opportunities to Jewish children, youth, adults, seniors and families within the city of Richmond, in an all inclusive manner. Kehila’s outreach philosophy has developed in partnership with the JFGV as both agencies have evolved and learnt. The JFGV Planning Council's priorities, in the areas of strategic planning and community building, nurture and foster Kehila’s own objectivities, both in action and in words. Kehila believes that mutual cooperation and the sharing of resources are vital for fiscally responsible growth, inclusion and longevity.

At the heart of Kehila are our volunteers.
They make possible everything from governance to friendly visitors; they are our volunteer Board, community ambassadors, assist in the delivery of our programs, serving community meals, and are critical to our strategic planning objectives. We are a volunteer driven, community service based, planning agency. Kehila has grown strong due, in large part, to its dedicated Richmond volunteer base. From cooking meals, driving seniors, active committees, office work or licking envelopes, Kehila is truly blessed with its Mishpacha of volunteers.

Our challenge is to work within our Jewish community of Richmond
to develop innovative programs and services that meet the changing needs of a diverse population. While having working partnerships with several of the larger Jewish social service and recreational agencies located in the Lower Mainland, Kehila is proud to include partnership efforts with the Richmond Public Library, Coastal Health, and Seniors 411 within our portfolio. By creating, fostering, building and maintaining community partnerships and projects with other community based organizations, the long term viability and sustainability of Kehila will be formulated.